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Numero: 28
Anno: 2023
Prezzo: €16,00

ISBN: 9788855293778
Pagine: 118
Formato: 15 x 21 cm

Time and History. Researches on the Ontology of the Present

The hypothesis from which this book starts is that the twentieth century has broken the link between time and history, thus producing a twofold consequence. On the one hand, time definitively loses the characteristics of linearity and coherence that it still had in Hegel, and will be conceived in terms of a multiplicity of heterogeneous temporal lines; on the other hand, and consequently, history tends to disappear from the philosophical horizon to give way to theses on a post-historical time, whose main characteristics are stasis, the inability to synthesize incoherent temporalities, the impossibility of producing openings towards the future. However, precisely within the short century – the one in which time has supposedly contracted to the point of expunging history from itself – critical reflections were produced, which, despite the acquisition of scientific and philosophical lessons about the multiform and reversible nature of time, have recovered a fruitful relation with history in a cumulative and teleological sense.

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