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Numero: 29
Anno: 2023
Prezzo: €22,00

ISBN: 9788855291071
Numero di pagine: 196
Formato: 15 x 21 cm

On extension.
Jean-Luc Nancy in the Wake of Hannah Arendt

The point of intersection between the theoretical paths of Nancy and Arendt lies in the theme that is also the most difficult problem they bequeath to us. Both, in fact, think of being in terms of a drive to appear, a movement that tends to be infinite and, for that very reason dangerous, and yet one that must be indulged and even urged. Thought must, so to speak, stay close to this original dimension in wich extension spaces itself: it is in this proximity that existence experiences a thrill, a fevor. It is what Arendt calls "public happiness" and Nancy calls "feveur" or "extase". The stakes of both philosopigical exetcises are very similar. It is a metter of identifying whit wxtreme accuracy and ehitin a much broader ontological drive, the narrow space between and intensification of ecistence comparable to fascist and fusional ardor, and an exposition that remains at a suspended step. It is a metter of taking the narrow path between mystical ectasy, and an inoperative ectasy, that is, a projection towards the outside, that does not acess any surreality, but merely spaces - continually putting back into play - immanence in whoch we are.

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