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Numero: 11
Anno: 2021
Prezzo: €24,00

ISBN: 9788855292283
Pagine: 304
Formato: 15 x 21 cm

Renewing Hermeneutics
Thinking with Paul Ricœur
Le renouvelement de l’herméneutique
Penser avec Paul Ricoeur

A cura di Johann Michel e Carla Canullo

The title of Jean Greisch’s book “L’âge herméneutique de la raison” (1985) defines the philosophical milieu in which Ricoeur’s work developed. At a time when hermeneutics mostly displayed the ontological traits, Ricoeur traced a hermeneutical path that he would describe as the “long way”, since, having started from the hermeneutics of symbols, he had then engaged in a dialogue with the psychoanalysis, exegesis, semiotics and philosophy of language, ethics, and political issues about justice. In order to build this dialogue, he used some different hermeneutical tools as attestation, interpretation of symbols, metaphors, history, and ethics, drawing a path that goes from the self and narrative identity to the human being and its capabilities.

The authors of the book deal with these issues, analyzing the different ways of Ricoeur’s work and carrying on the “renewal of hermeneutics” that Ricoeur began.

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